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About Us

Over millennia, disruptive innovation has been the primary driver of human progress. From the invention of the wheel to the steam engine to Amazon, disruptive ideas that are executed well, continue to change our daily lives.

But as they say, the idea is not as important as the founders and their execution capabilities, and from a commercial perspective, we agree. But then, how much thought has the world spared for all those potentially great disruptive ideas that have failed not because of the idea, but because of the other factors and resources needed to guide a company from the ideation stage to the growth stage? Each brilliant idea that doesn’t see the light of day could potentially have been life changing, if supported well enough.

Ideatory is a startup studio and virtual incubator that strives to ensure that a worthy business idea is not left to fail because it isn’t executed well.

We believe that we can contribute to human progress by evaluating light bulb moments, helping founders define the idea better, conceptualising it as a scalable business, experimenting and validating its viability and setting it up for maximum growth.